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An Anupama Dayal print copied by a brandThe Assistant FactorOne of the main reasons two rival collections look similar is because one designer either learnt or interned with the other, and now has the same ideology. I feel the fault also lies in our law. Rahul was Rajesh’s assistant for many years and parted on good terms with him.Speeding Towards SuccessThe main culprit behind the lack of creativity or the temptation to copy is the superfast pace that you need to maintain while churning out new clothes, in order to keep customers interested. And a freedom of expression for people who feel like they can express freely without being judged for their lack of a token fashion degree,” say the team behind Diet Sabya. Designers from the world over send their teams or come in person to choose their fabrics from certain markets in Delhi and Mumbai.Karan in a Shantanu-Nikhil outfit inspired by Anju Modi designs: Photograph Courtesy: Diet SabyaDesigner Anupama Dayal, who is known for her bright, happy prints that are a hit with actors likes Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, was understandably upset when she discovered an Indian retailer mass producing her work. But what can one say about designer labels churning out collections that are not just inspired by, but are a complete rip off of their famous counterparts?The birth of the online fashion police — Instagram acc- ounts like DietSabya (@dietsabya), DietPrada (@diet_prada), Rosa_h_f(@rosa_h_f) has expo- sed the lack of imagination that most designers seem to suffer from.”HighStreet HeadachesIt’s not fellow design houses copying each other that give designers heartburn, but the highstreet labels that ripoff high end styles, mass produce them by the thousands and make a lot of profit on them. International design houses have more of a conscience. She says, “Often assistants leave the designer they worked with and come up with a similar look at half the price. We all have design teams and assistants who also design but it is the responsibility of the main designer to check every piece. You really can’t blame two people for liking the same stuff.

On a daily basis, these accounts compare the work of each and every popular design house and point out how A’s collection looks identical to B’s collection, if not the current line, then say from two years ago. What’s the best part of outing these copycats? “Inclusivity.”It’s just a coincidenceIn certain cases, even if the print is identical, both creations are still originals.She continues, “Anamika Khanna has made the cape relevant again and now many designers are doing their own interpretations of it. It’s their interpretation and use of these techniques that matter.“You Upholstery fabric china Manufacturers will never have this problem of imitations affecting your business if you constantly keep innovating. This is not copying.In the fickle AND fast-paced world of fashion, designers need to innovate, reinvent and evolve.There will always be a market for imitations.”Kareena Kapoor-Khan in a Manish Malhotra jacket inspired by Top Shop; Photograph Courtesy: Diet SabyaAnamika was just clever enough to rediscover and reinterpret it first. “Speed is very important in the fashion industry. The only common factor is perhaps the fact that they all source their fabric from the same place in India. Lata Madhu, owner of the boutique Collage in Chennai explains this theory. Now, Instagram’s self-appointed fashion police has made it their business to spot the copycats and their bootleg creations.Tina too believes in this. We don’t want to make mistakes, so we make sure to cross-check. Everyone is inspired by so many things, like what they learnt at fashion school, crafts, design techniques, patterns, weaves. Narresh explains this demand.

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None of which was enough to pay for a wedding. Friends and relatives opened up their own accounts to contribute.The wedding season in India accounts for more than half of the country&China sofa velvet fabric factory39;s annual demand for gold, according to Thomson Reuters-owned metals consultancy GFMS. "Business will come on its own after six months," he said. He and his colleagues, instruments and all, rushed to cram inside a crowded car to be sure they made their date. Then on Nov. But, of her wedding plans and expenses, "my father and I suffered.Tanushree Rawat, who works as the head of a control room of a Hindi TV news channel in Delhi, had exactly 2,000 rupees on hand when Modi made his announcement and a wedding just a month away, on Dec. 9. He'd cobbled together most of his savings and gifts from relatives, a stack of 300,000 rupees (about $4,400) in cash, and had a list of vendors to pay in the weeks before exchanging garlands of flowers with his bride in a Dec.

Others agreed to accept payment later. And the wedding invitation card printer "reluctantly," Jhamb said agreed to accept a bank wire transfer. Faced with a wedding date just two weeks away, he didn't have time for the Indian bureaucratic ritual of returning again and again to satisfy a clerk's whims.They were making their way from a band-for-hire shop to a wedding venue. The money Jhamb was holding, he recounted with a tone of disbelief, "suddenly became pieces of paper.The bespectacled 30-year-old marketing manager at the TGI Friday's restaurant chain had thought of every detail. Jhamb said he gave that route a try but a bank employee told him he didn't have the correct documents.Rawat says she thinks demonetisation will help the nation. Most weddings in India are held on days considered auspicious in the Hindu calendar – nearly a quarter of them fell this year between Nov.

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